With Sweet Dreams and Even Sweeter Days

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sunset Cocktails

If it seems like things have been a bit quiet in these parts lately, it's because quite simply they have been.

There always seems to be a few weeks out of the year when despite my good intentions of keeping up with everything in life, I find that some things slip away from me for a bit.

And if there is ever a time to let some things slip a bit, I'm thinking summer is it.

The important part is that I always find my way back, with renewed vigor and much needed rest and with plenty of stories to share.

While it's true my oven went untouched for a bit this summer, cocktail making remained as strong as ever.  My go to drink this summer has been a glass of lemonade with a splash of honey whiskey, but attempting new drinks and combinations has always been on the radar as well.

This drink originally struck me because of how it looks (I'm a marketer's dream and love pretty things) but what's great is that it tastes just as stellar too.

Mild and slightly sweet wine is layered on top of Mandarin soda for a quick fix that looks like a ton of work, when the truth is it couldn't be simpler.

So easy and laid back for summer.  Beautiful without even trying.  And most importantly, different and fun.

For keeping this last month of summer going, because there is still so much to celebrate.

Sunset Cocktail
Servings: 1 (can be easily multiplied)

- mild sweet wine (I used lambrusco - sparkling!)
- mandarin soda (found in spanish aisle of supermarket)
- ice

Pack whatever size glass you would like with ice.  Fill halfway with mandarin soda.  Slowly pour wine over top so it sits on the soda and does not mix.  Drink with straws and enjoy.  Repeat as necessary.

Recipe adapted from: Joy the Baker