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Monday, August 6, 2012

Things I'm Loving: Summer 2012 Edition

In no particular order:

The Olympics.  Partly because it gives me a chance to yell "I was there!" at the screen every time they pan to this view, and partly because sappy emotional sports success stories, well, they're kind of my kryptonite.  

I just can't get enough.

This someecard.  Because as much as I love the Olympics, I love this more.

Spending time exploring my own city.  This bar has been one of my favorite finds.

This bar being a pretty big contender too.

On the same note, brunch and 9th St in South Philadelphia. 

Both seeing "The Dark Knight Rises" in IMAX as well as having my own personal Batdog.

Who seems intent on trying out a few new looks - this one being my current favorite.

Yes. Ted too.

Time spent with family.

More specifically Gram, who fills me with hope that in 60 years when I'm 82 I can still be leading the most kick-ass life ever too.

Plenty of days at the beach.

Including nights on the boardwalk.

And a rainbow over the ocean.  Because honestly, I don't care who you are, that's pretty phenomenal.

Lots of ice cream/frozen yogurt/water ice.

No really, lots of ice cream.

With a couple of emus.

And a spiked milkshake or two thrown in to keep things interesting.

Speaking of which, a few drinks with friends/in the city/by the pool.  Yup, I'm leaving my guesstimation arguably at "a few".

My Philadelphia Phillies, even though they are crushing my soul this year.  Crushing it.

A crazy sky.

Or two.

OK.  Maybe more than two.

Smores/bonfires/time spent by the pool.

This article.  Because if you haven't gotten the vibe that sentimental/inspirational things are a vice of mine, then you haven't been spending near enough time around these parts. 

An impromptu first trip to Vermont

Full of adorable brunches

Beautiful scenery

And the King Arthur Flour HQ (which was better than Christmas for me - really).

Time spent with friends, low key as well as upbeat, all of whom I could never get into one picture and are some of the best people I know.

Most importantly, knowing I still have close to a month left to keep it all going.

Summer 2012, you're not even over yet and already I love you.

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