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Friday, June 8, 2012

Cookie Dough Egg Rolls

I've made it no secret that over the past few years, food photography has become a hobby of mine.  I'm certainly not at my end goal with it, but looking back through my old posts and photos and seeing how far I've come is certainly something that gives me drive to keep going and improving.

There are most certainly times though, when being able to photograph food in a structured and controlled way just isn't an option.  Often times styling the food comes second to enjoying it as soon as possible with friends..... and truthfully the nice camera is nowhere to be found anyway.

It's in those situations that my iPhone becomes the back-up, and most recently Instagram has become a pretty prominent player too.

Usually these photos and food recipes don't make it onto the blog from the sheer facts that I don't take enough photos, I plan on re-making the recipe in my real kitchen at a later time, or I'm just too busy enjoying myself to snap a great shot to begin with.

Long before the blog ever got started, however, I would simply post a photo of what I made on Facebook with my iPhone and that was that.  That was the pre-maryquitecontrarybakes for a very long time.

And looking through some of the photos, sure they weren't great.... but they also weren't completely terrible.  It was about the fun of whipping something up and passing it out (still truthfully one of my favorite parts).

Also shout out to one of my most lovely friends, Jimmy, for being one of the people to give me the umph to start this in the first place and for having foresight that people might actually enjoy it.

Anyway, while going through some of my old food photos and reminiscing on a particularly mind blowing/waistline increasing recipe I made with my friends on one of those nights in a tiny apartment kitchen down near Temple University when my nice camera wasn't in tow, I knew it was time to break my own rule.

(I also knew that I couldn't justify re-making this when it was only me to eat them... but that's besides the point.)

My friends and I have a pretty intense relationship with cookie dough.  Even though I'm the first to admit that it's not my ultimate choice, it's become standard fare to send each other every single cookie dough recipe we stumble upon.

When I sent my friend Liz the link to cookie dough egg rolls, that was the breaking point.  The date was set, the invitations were sent out, it was happening.

A homemade egg-free cookie dough is wrapped in store bought egg-roll wrappers, resulting at least for us in varying shapes and sizes.

They're then flash fried, covered in caramel and hot fudge and served alongside of a big scoop of ice cream.

Our choice being cookie dough ice cream obviously.

These are absolutely to.die.for.  


Don't be afraid of the oil.  Once in awhile it's definitely acceptable.  And when with friends even more so.

Even though I'll keep the majority of my posts with regular photos, I won't deny it was a nice change to just relax, enjoy these with my friends, and shift the focus to keeping it simple and keeping it fun.

It is summer.


Cookie Dough Egg Rolls
Servings: 8-10

** As opposed to a printable this time around I will link you to the source that we found these on, Pennies on a Platter, because I didn't get to shoot a step-by-step of how to roll the egg rolls in the wrappers and didn't get a visual reference to the depth of oil for flash frying.  We found these both particularly helpful in adding to the ease of the recipe.

My added notes on the recipe would be

1.) No mixer is a necessary, a bowl and a spoon will suit you fine to mix this up.
2.)Less is more when filling the egg rolls.  These babies are rich and we had a consensus that we'd prefer to eat a few small ones than one large one, but test it out and see what works best for you.  
3.) Your oil is ready when a droplet of water sizzles in it.  A droplet is all that's needed.  
4.) Make sure to watch the temperature of your oil, too low the egg roll may get soggy, too hot they will get dark fast.  Just keep an eye on it and you should be ok.
5.) Please be careful, it is hot oil.
6.) The ice cream is a must, it cuts the richness immensely.
7.) The original recipe lists vanilla ice cream, for us it was cookie dough ice cream or bust.
8.) There is no way to attack these other than with your hands.  It will be messy.  It will be worth it.

Recipe adapted from: Pennies on a Platter

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