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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Frozen Sweet Chocolate Pie

Sometimes life doesn't need words.

Words can hurt, words can heal.  But every once in awhile they pale in comparison to a slice of easy chocolate pie.

Lately I've been a tad bummed my mom's mom isn't around for all my cooking and baking, since I think she'd be the one who'd be most into all of this.

While I was particularly burnt out about this one day I flipped through a binder full of all her old recipe clippings.

And when this particular slip fell out, I knew, chocolate pie it was.

This recipe comes to us from Family Circle of 1981.  And it seemed my mom-mom knew her stuff when she clipped it out.  When I picked up some Baker's chocolate to whip it up, the exact same recipe was on the inside of the box.

32 years later.

The only change I made was to make my own homemade graham cracker crust, because truthfully I'm not a big fan of the store-bought kind.  But if they're up your alley, by all means make this even easier and go that route.

I enjoyed a slice of this pie straight from the freezer, with semisweet and white chocolate chips on top.

But in all honesty it would be good all on it's own too.  Easy and light.  Perfect for the upcoming summer days where minimum effort and maximum results are on my most wanted tab.

Relax. Indulge.

If you'd like to try your hand at a home-made graham cracker crust I recommend this one, otherwise for the recipe I will refer you to the middle picture shown, because I didn't change a thing!

And if it's good enough for Family Circle 1981, it's good enough for me. :)


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