With Sweet Dreams and Even Sweeter Days

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Mary Quite Contrary Bakes!

I'm so sorry for my week long hiatus, but New Years Eve afternoon... right after I posted my round up of 2011 actually, my computer decided to crash.  After an impromptu run to the mall and a weekend of work, it was back to me safe and sound but then the next morning (at 4:00 am no less) I was packed in the car and headed to the airport to visit beautiful Florida.

I had such ambitious plans to blog while down there, but on the first day in it was evident that my internet was not going to work on my laptop.  I took it as a sign to shut the computer and just go out there and relax for the week, and I jumped at the chance.

It was the four most wonderful days I've had in a long time.  I honestly can't believe how much we packed into it.  I'll be sure to share more about the trip in my next post, but for now I will say it was crammed full of relaxation, great food, loved ones, rosemary blood orange gin sparklers (recipe to be posted!) and so much laughter I can't even quantify it.

But on Wednesday was in fact my one year Blogiversary, or my blog's first birthday - whichever you'd rather, and I had planned to post about it for ages.  So here I am a few days later, but much less worse for wear.

A year ago from Wednesday was the first day I ever posted on my blog.  You can read the blog post right here.  I remember wondering at the time if I would be able to keep up with this, or if would fall by the wayside.  I'm so pleased that I'm still right here baking and photographing away, with no intentions of stopping.

Speaking of photography, this is one aspect of my blogging in the year that I have seen tangible improvements in.  I am by no means at the end point of where I want to be, but looking back it's almost astonishing to me how much I've gained just from chugging along.

The photos of the birthday cake I made for the teeny blog birthday celebrations were photographed in the exact same spot as the Panettone Bread Pudding, at the same time of day, and with the same exact camera... on the same setting no less.

January 2011.

January 2012.

This above all things makes me so excited to see where I will be next year with my photography, and all the wonderful things I will be able to experience to get there.

There's no recipe here today, as I just used my favorite vanilla cake and basic buttercream recipes to bake up a tiny cake for celebrating.  I promise a super delicious and simple (I'm talking 5-minutes) recipe that travels really well on Monday or Tuesday.  How I know it travels well is that I was only able to eat one before I brought them to Florida, where they were devoured within one night by my extended family.

But for now, quite simply, Happy Birthday.  May this next year of blogging be just as much fun as the first.



  2. Yum, and happy blog birthday!! I love seeing photography progression too, I've been blogging almost a year now and can't wait to see what the next year brings, it's such a fun learning process!