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Friday, August 19, 2011

4 Ingredient Chocolate Raspberry Ice Cream

I have a confession to make.

We're among friends here.  I can do that right?  You'll still love me.

... For the past year (year!) I have been afraid to make ice cream....

Ok. Ok.  I know it's not the most personal or revolutionary confession to ever flash before your eyes, but it still factors in to how this all played out.

Usually when it comes to trying new things in the kitchen I'm relatively fearless, the worst I figure, is that it won't work out.. I'll pick myself up and try something else.  

But last summer me and homemade ice cream, we just didn't see eye to eye.  I decided to go out and treat myself to a very expensive ice cream machine from a very well known cooking store (which I completely love but will cost you a pretty penny just looking inside) and I was so thrilled to try it out.

Needless to say after following a recipe for chocolate ice cream "to a t" all I was left with was a soupy mess.  I was defeated.

When I went back to said store above (defeated), it turned out my machine was defective.  Even still, after returning it (and getting a much less expensive maker instead at a store that starts with a W and ends in MART), I just couldn't bring myself to try again.  I knew if it ended in a soupy mess for a second time, I wouldn't want to try and tackle homemade ice cream anymore.

So there my ice cream maker sat, untouched, for a year (a year!).

And then this summer happened.

Somehow over the course of the last three months, ice cream and I, well we've started a love affair.

Now I didn't see this coming.  Not by a long shot.  I have always been (and will always be at heart) a water ice girl.  But somewhere in between, ice cream has won my affection as well.

I found the greatest little organic local ice cream shop with gourmet flavors like "tahitian vanilla" and "sambuca cream" and before I knew it, for dessert, ice cream was my only option.

A few weeks into the affair, I could just hear the ice cream maker calling me from the back shelf, beckoning me to try again.


When my (much less expensive) new ice cream machine churned out beautiful ice cream on the very first try, I knew there was no looking back.  This is by far the richest, creamiest, most sinful ice cream I have ever eaten in my entire life.

And it was so simple to make.  4 ingredients is all it takes to bring you to ice cream induced bliss.  The portion size I've shown was literally all I could eat in one sitting - that's how rich it was.  I was blown away and now that I have had such success with my ice cream maker, I can truly encourage you to think about one for your own home.

If you go the right place (starts in W ends in MART) you can find one on the cheap, and I promise you, you will never want to go back to the stuff in the carton again.  This literally blows it out of the water.

My affair with ice cream doesn't seem to be dwindling anytime in the near future, so you can expect many more frozen treats from me.  But for now, a container of this in my freezer is much more than enough.

One word. Yum.


4 Ingredient Chocolate Raspberry Ice Cream
Servings: 3 Cups

1 1/2 cups heavy cream
5 Tbsp dark cocoa powder (I use Hershey's special dark)
2/3 cup sugar
2 cups raspberries (fresh or frozen - though I highly recommend fresh)

Whisk together cream, cocoa powder, and sugar in a large saucepan.  Heat (whisking constantly) until it comes to a full rolling boil.  Remove from heat and add raspberries.  Cover and let stand 10-15 minutes.  Puree the mixture in a blender or a food processor until smooth.  Press mixture through a mesh sieve into a bowl.  Chill the mixture in the refrigerator over night.  The next day freeze in an ice cream mixture according the manufacturer's instructions.  (Mine took 15-20 minutes in a pre-frozen bowl).  Don't forget to transfer to an air tight container after done on the machine and store in the freezer for an additional hour or to for optimal texture.  Enjoy!

Recipe adapted from: The Perfect Scoop by David Lebovitz

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