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Friday, July 29, 2011

Color Your Own Cookies

It's not very often I get to post twice within one week, but I was just so excited about this project that I couldn't wait any longer to share it.

I am so blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life, many of these people being friends.  There are friends I am lucky enough to see every day, and those who I only get to see occasionally, but mean just as much.

Jen is a friend I made my freshman year at Temple (which seems like eons ago looking back now).  Jen transfered to live at home spring semester when she had her daughter Audrey that April.  For various different reasons including this and going far beyond, in the two and a half years that followed Jen has really been an inspiration, to me and I'm sure countless others.

(Jen and Audrey - taken with permission from Jen's facebook.  I don't know who took the original or I'd credit you if I did! :D)

Even though I don't get to see Jen as often as when we first became friends freshman year, I've really enjoyed reading Jen's witty blog about Audrey growing up and seeing all the adorable  pictures as she gets older. 

When Jen commented on my baking pictures I promised her I would send something special to her and Audrey, even though I couldn't deliver them in person.  My first thought was decorated Elmo cookies, since I've heard Audrey is a big fan these days (who isn't?), but then the answer came to me out of nowhere and I was so excited it was hard not to get started right that minute.

Color your own sugar cookies.

I had remembered Jen writing about how much Audrey loved to color, and sugar cookies decorated with royal icing (which hardens completely and is super smooth) would be the perfect little edible canvases for little hands.

I got to whip out my menagerie of cookie cutters and had an absolute blast making these.

Teddy bears, flowers, hearts, stars, circles, the number 2.

Butterflies, ducks, the letters A and J. 

The possibilities are endless where imagination runs high, and I know for a fact that with these girls mustering up some inspiration and imagination won't be hard.

Now of course for decorating these you need some special (but not hard to find!) tools.

These are available at any local craft store.  Jen and Audrey in your box of cookies you'll find a package of these as well, so you can get the party started immediately.

And of course I couldn't resist buying a second package for myself to try out one cookie for me.

What can I say?  I HAD to make sure the concept worked right?  Completely scientific data. No but really, I loved coloring this cookie, and I know it's something that kids of any age will be able to enjoy together.

Jen and Audrey, I had so much fun baking these for you girls.  I hope they make for something great to do together, and really the best part is, you get to eat your art. :)

I can't wait to see you soon!

Color Your Own Cookies

-1 batch of sugar cookies
-1 batch of royal icing (I linked to one of my favorite blogs Annie's Eats for a tutorial on this until I write my own)
- 1 box food coloring markers (bold tip)

Bake sugar cookies as directed, cutting into desired shapes.  Using only white royal icing, outline and flood letting dry at least 24 hr.  Color to heart's content with food markers, letting dry at least 5-10 minutes before eating.  Enjoy!

Sugar cookies and royal icing adapted from:  Annie's Eats

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