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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Kit-Kat Cake

Sometimes I go into making a baked good with a clear and concrete idea of how I want it to turn out, and as I'm going through there are some aspects that don't go exactly as planned and I have to re-evaluate and change.

This cake was one of those times.  I went into it knowing exactly how I wanted my final product to look, and truth be told it was completely different than this.  And you know what,

I like the way it turned out even better.

This cake can make you look like a master baker with minimal time and effort.  It's basically a win-win.  

Since I was just playing around with the idea of kit-kats as decoration, I went with a plain yellow cake and a chocolate buttercream icing.  Next time I will definitely mix in some chopped up kit-kats into the batter to amp up both their flavor and their charm.

But really you can use almost any cake flavor you think you'll enjoy with kit-kats!  If you're not confident in your baking abilities and still wanna give it a go, try a boxed mix and canned chocolate frosting and practice decorating. I'll never tell!

Overall, this cake was stunning, and one of the prettiest cakes I've churned out.  If you're looking for a low maintenance cake with major impressive factor, definitely give this a try.

This cake is example of one of the many lessons I have learned from baking thus far.

I have the type of personality where I'm driven and don't like giving up on things I start.  Baking has taught me to apply this, but also that even though things might not turn out as planned that's alright.

Sometimes things turn out even better than I originally imagined.

Kit-Kat Cake
Servings: about 12

Any flavor cake baked in two 9-inch round cake pans (cooled)
Any flavor icing
3-4 packs of King Size Kit-Kats

Bake cakes and let cool completely.  Stack one cake of top of another on a serving plate and frost both between cakes and all over outside with first thin layer of icing.  Refrigerate for 1 hour to 1 day.  Frost with another layer of icing on outside and smooth with offset spatula.  Using a large star tip and pastry bag, pipe swirls (using a back and forth motion applying equal pressure) around bottom of cake and top.  Remember icing is forgiving, if you don't like how something looks wipe it off and try again!  Chop kit-kats into small but not fine pieces.  Arrange kit-kat pieces on the top of cake.  Keep covered until serving and enjoy!

Recipe: A Mary Original